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Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator


For a long time, individuals who relied on artificial oxygen had a hard time using air
transport. Luckily, the US Department of Transportation came to the rescue,
implementing a law that permits such individuals to carry FAA approved portable
oxygen concentrators (POCs) during air travel. This came as a reprieve to these
patients, who were understandably restricted from boarding airplanes due to the
flammability of compressed oxygen.
The FAA website features a comprehensive list of accredited POCs. Usually, airlines require passengers
to inform them in advance in case they wish to carry a supplementary oxygen
concentrator on board. Notably, nearly all aircrafts do not have the provision for
charging these POCs, so is imperative for their users’ to carry enough batteries to last
for the duration of the trip.
The FAA requires the user to have 150% of their flight time in battery for their POC. This
means that if they have a 4-hour flight, they are required to have 6 hours of battery. Although
there are charging stations at the airport, they must prepare to have enough battery for going
through airport security and layovers when calculating flight time.

If a patient does not own a POC, the best alternative is to rent one, since it will only be in
use for a short period of time. Both Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines
list Liberty Medical on their websites for renting FAA approved travel oxygen concentrators.
Liberty has been a resource for Southwest and Frontier Airline customers for over 10
years and Liberty offers a significant discount to customers traveling with either airline.

Most airlines require 48 hours prior notice before departure before taking a POC on board a
flight. Some airlines require a form to be completed by the passenger’s physician before they can
take a portable oxygen concentrator on an aircraft. International flights typically always require
an airline form.

Liberty Medical can put a rental together in minutes and ships overnight. Liberty will get the
prescription, airline form, do international rentals and calculate the battery requirements needed to be FAA compliant.
All of their equipment is FAA approved. They are available 24/7  at 800-375- 6060.

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