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Eclipse 5: Things You Should Know

Using The Eclipse 5 on an Airplane:

When using the Eclipse 5 on an airplane, some people have trouble putting the battery all the way in the unit (even though the battery seems to be all the way in). This can cause the connection between the battery and the unit to be virtually nonexistent. The battery may give you a signal that it’s dying when actually the battery is just not connected to the unit properly. To prevent this from happening, set the unit to where the front of the unit is leaning slightly forward, then slide the battery into place, making sure that you hear a click. The click ensures that the battery is in place and connected securely to the unit.


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Using The Eclipse 5 in a Car:

The Eclipse 5 cannot be charged in the car, but it can run off the DC Power Supply while being used. It depends on the make and model of your vehicle whether the unit will be able to run off the DC power supply. If your vehicle does support the Eclipse 5 running on DC power, the unit on a continuous flow will only go up to 2 LPM liters per minute. The unit will not go up to a setting of 3 liters per minute continuous flow. Here are the steps to follow when using the unit in your car:

  1. Make sure both the unit and the vehicle are off and do not have the DC power supply plugged into either the unit or the vehicle
  2. Remove the battery from the Eclipse 5
  3. Start the vehicle
  4. Plug the DC power supply into the vehicle
  5. Connect the DC power supply to the unit
  6. Turn the unit on

If your car supports the unit, you will notice a green icon that is illuminated on the machine interface. This icon means that your Eclipse 5 is connected to the alternate power source and works properly in your vehicle. If your unit is not showing this icon, it could mean one of two things. First, it could mean that your 12-volt plug in your vehicle has a blown fuse and might need to be replaced, or it could mean that your car cannot support the Eclipse 5.



Using a Pediatric Flow Regulator/ Meter:

Chart, the manufacturer of the SeQual Eclipse 5, does not recommend that the machine is used with a Pediatric Flow Regulator/ Meter. Whenever one of these devices is connected to the Eclipse 5, it causes too much back pressure into the unit, which can cause the units internal components to fail.


You can reach Liberty’s technician’s 24/7 at 800.375.6060 with any questions.

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