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cannula program

Liberty's Cannula Club ships you cannulas to your door monthly!

Did you know that most manufacturers of portable and home oxygen concentrators recommend that you change your cannula once a week if your concentrator is being used daily, and once a month if it is being used sporadically? Without being changed frequently, your cannula can build up bad bacteria and even cause infections. You also need to change your cannula and tubing every time you have been sick or are coming down with something. We recommend keeping extra tubing and cannulas on hand, so you can change them when necessary. Ordering your cannulas monthly will ensure that you always have more than enough supplies and don’t run out.

Liberty's Cannula Club can help with that! Starting at only $15.99, you can receive top of the line Salter Labs cannulas at your door once every month. NO contract, FREE shipping, and cancel anytime. What could be better?


So, how does it work?

1- Choose your package

Choose the monthly package that works best for you. You can switch packages at any time to better accommodate your oxygen needs.

2- Set up your account

Call Liberty and set up a payment plan according to which package you want to receive each month.

3- Receive your Cannula Club package

Your Cannula Club package will be shipped to you once a month, enjoy!

travel oxygen

Package 1


Includes three 4
foot SOFT cannulas

travel oxygen

Package 2


Includes three 7
foot SOFT cannulas

travel oxygen

Package 3


Includes two 4
foot AND two 7 foot SOFT cannulas