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Your Guide to the NewLife Intensity Home Oxygen Concentrator

Flow: Continuous– 2-10 LPM
Weight: 58 lbs.
Dimensions: 27.5” tall, 16.5” wide, 14.5” long
Oxygen Purity: 90%
Power: AC wall charger, DC car charger
Sound Level: 55 decibels
Standard Warranty: 3 years for concentrator



The NewLife Intensity 10 by CAIRE is durable and capable of giving the user a high continuous flow of supplemental oxygen from 2 to 10 liters per minute. CAIRE’s NewLife stationary oxygen concentrator weighs 58 pounds and was designed to meet the high flow requirements of oxygen users at home. Use it easily around the house or as you sleep to provide the optimal amount of oxygen flow you need to breathe comfortably and feel rested.

A unique aspect of the NewLife Intensity 10 features dual flow units that are perfect for long-term care facilities, able to provide oxygen for two users at once from a single concentrator. This makes it the ideal unit for saving money on overall energy and equipment costs that tend to add up for those living in a long-term care facility. Alternatively, it is a great option for use in the home where there are two users in need of oxygen therapy. The NewLife Intensity 10 operates quietly and efficiently, not exceeding a volume level similar to the sound of a normal conversation.

It also allows for a humidifier or nebulizer to be connected in case it is needed by oxygen users who are prone to asthma. Another key feature of the NewLife Intensity 10 is the reliable alarm system that will notify the user of the status of the machine. Some of these alarms include power failure, high temperature, low levels of concentration, or high and low pressure. If any of these situations are the case, the concentrator will alert you, but otherwise it will stay very quiet so as to not disturb you as you go about your day.



The NewLife Intensity 10 is compact enough to fit next to your bed or seat without taking up a lot of space. Your device has a set of wheels to provide you with more accessibility and independence, so it can be rolled underneath tables or counters if you’d prefer to keep it out of the way in a smaller area. When you order your home oxygen concentrator, you’ll also receive a cannula, your user’s manual, and free shipping, on us.

This is the only concentrator on the market today that offers high-pressure oxygen in combination with the highest flow settings in an energy-efficient unit. It can provide 20 psi of air pressure, which is twice the amount offered by most other oxygen concentrators you’ll come across. The NewLife Intensity home oxygen concentrator was designed with the user in mind and can even accommodate those who use long cannulas due to the power of its high pressure.

Does this home oxygen concentrator sound like a great fit for you? You can purchase or rent one from Liberty Medical today. Be sure to ask about our financing plans with Care CreditPayPal Credit, or through United Consumer Financial Services. Give us a call with any questions you may have at 1-800-375-6060 to learn more.

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