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Inogen One G5 8 Cell Battery

Inogen One G5 8-Cell Single Battery

By Inogen

$459.00    $374.00

Comes with

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 8-cell
Single Battery


1 Year


The Inogen One G5 (8 Cell) Battery provides oxygen users with the freedom to travel with peace of mind. Charge your Single Battery before your trip and you’ll be able to supply your portable oxygen concentrator with up to 6 hours of battery life for the long journey ahead. With the quick release button, it’s a fast and easy task to switch out your rechargeable batteries whenever you need to. Be sure to give your battery at least 4.5 hours to reach 100% maximum charge.


FAA Approved FAA Approved
Weight 8 oz.


Battery Duration

Flow 8 Cell  
1 Liter Per Minute 6 hrs
2 Liters Per Minute 4 hrs 45 mins
3 Liters Per Minute 3 hrs
4 Liters Per Minute 2 hrs
5 Liters Per Minute 1 hr 30 mins
6 Liters Per Minute 1 hr 15 mins




Weight 8 ounces
Manufacturer Inogen
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Charging Time 4.5 hours
SKU # BA-500


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