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How to Deep Cycle your Lithium Ion Battery

G4 double battery

How to Deep Cycle your Lithium Ion Battery

Are your portable oxygen concentrator batteries not lasting as long as they used to?
Lithium-ion batteries have a limited lifetime, so sometimes our customers notice that after a few
years and many uses, their batteries stop lasting as long as when they were new. Lithium-ion
batteries can be charged so many times until they begin to lose their charge or will not take a charge
and need to be replaced. However, if you want to keep your concentrators batteries in great shape
for as long as possible, you can try something called “deep cycling”. “Deep Cycling” batteries is one
way to maintain the life of the battery. Doing this once a month will give you the best results with
your portable oxygen concentrators batteries.

| How to Deep Cycle Your Lithium-Ion Battery |
1. For Inogen Machines: Run your portable oxygen concentrator (POC) with the battery in it
until you receive the signal for low battery or for all other machines: until the battery is
completely drained. (This allows the battery to properly calibrate).
2. Remove the battery from your POC.
3. Allow battery to cool down to normal room temperature.
4. Insert the battery into your POC and allow the battery to charge to full capacity.
5. If the battery is not holding a charge while you are using the POC, repeat this process.
6. It is recommended that you deep cycle your batteries once a month for best results.
Whenever you are not using your POC, make sure the battery has been removed from the machine.
Store your lithium-ion battery at normal room temperature, free from dust, smoke, and moisture. If
you have questions on how to correctly deep cycle your travel oxygen concentrators batteries or
need to buy a new battery please give Liberty Medical a call at 800.375.6060.

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