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Flying with Frontier Airlines and Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The ability for oxygen therapy patients to participate in air travel is a fantastic step forward thanks to the Department of Transportation. In order to bring a portable oxygen concentrator on the airplane, the device must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and users should be able to meet the rules and regulations set by both the FAA and the airline they are going on.


Frontier Airlines has its own list of guidelines for those using travel oxygen. Travelers must have their doctor complete the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Medical Authorization Form in order to bring their travel oxygen onboard. You can find the form here. The passenger must inform Frontier Airlines 48 hours in advance that they are bringing a POC on board.


Meanwhile, the FAA requires that portable oxygen concentrators have 150% of the battery charge necessary to sustain them through the entire flight. As an example, those taking a 4 hour flight will need 6 hours of battery life. Layovers, delays, and airport security time should also be considered in this calculation. Charging onboard the aircraft is not allowed.


If you need a portable oxygen concentrator for your Frontier Airlines flight, Liberty Medical is listed by the airline as a recommended provider. We offer both rentals and sales - including international rentals - and have a special Frontier discount. We are ready to assist customers in obtaining prescriptions from their doctors as well as the necessary physician’s statement for the medical authorization form.


Obtaining your concentrator from us is also simple. You can pick it up from one of our locations or have it shipped to your doorstep. We also offer express shipping nationwide! Visit our website at or call us any time of the day, any day of the week. at 800-375-6060 to find out more.

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