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How to do a Hard Reset on Your POC

If you’ve been using a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) and suddenly receive an error code from the device, don’t panic! Like all electronics, a POC will occasionally need a little troubleshooting to get it back into working condition. Like most devices, sometimes a hard reset is all it needs to revert to functioning order.


Performing a POC hard reset is fairly simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple and straightforward steps.


  1. Start by jotting down the error code displayed. This is a good measure to take so you can provide the code to a technician if needed, and so that you will know if the error code changes after you’ve reset the POC.


  1. Remove the batteries from the POC carefully and place them aside.


  1. Unplug the POC from any outlets or power sources so that it is completely turned off and cannot run on any energy.


  1. Leave the POC alone for half an hour. Allow it to sit, unplugged, and patiently wait the full 30 minutes before carrying on to the next step. You may, of course, leave it unplugged for longer.


  1. Plug the POC back into any power source. Usually, this would be a power outlet in a wall.


  1. Allow the POC to run on its own for 10 minutes. Again, be sure to wait for the full period of time to elapse before carrying on to the next step.


  1. Put the battery or batteries back into your POC as it runs on the AC power outlet. Make sure they are inserted correctly in order to avoid further errors or damage.


  1. Congratulations, you have now done a portable oxygen concentrator reset! Your POC should now continue to work correctly and no longer display any error messages.


Is your portable oxygen concentrator still giving you difficulties after you’ve performed the hard reset? Give us a call at Liberty Medical’s 24/7 technical support number at (800) 375-6060, mention the error code you’ve received, and our certified technicians will be glad to help you.

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