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The New OxyGo Q8 Fresh CPAP and Device Cleaner

The New OxyGo Q8 Fresh CPAP and Device Cleaner


It’s not hard for germs and bacteria to gather on surfaces both inside and outside of your CPAP device. CPAP machines circulate air into your lungs, and this is why it’s especially important to sanitize your machine and CPAP accessories at least once a week.

The new Q8 Fresh CPAP Cleaner Pro from OxyGo makes cleaning your equipment a breeze, but it doesn’t stop there! Not only can you use it to clean your CPAP masks and tubing, you can sanitize other items and gadgets you use everyday. Remote controls, cell phones, glasses, toothbrushes, keys, toys— place any high-touch item in the OxyGo CPAP Cleaner to kill 99.9% of germs, pathogens, and bacteria safely and naturally.

You’ll find the inside of OxyGo’s CPAP Cleaner is spacious (7.87 inches by 7.87 inches) and compatible with most masks. The machine features a fully sealed design that can remove odors while it sanitizes. Don’t worry about flipping over whatever device you’re cleaning after some time. The Fresh CPAP Cleaner also features 360 degree sterilization, so you can leave it running knowing it will clean every surface of the items placed inside.

There are multiple powerful cleaning cycles and modes to choose from that utilize Ultraviolet Ozone sterilization, ensuring all your devices are cleaned thoroughly. You can program the OxyGo CPAP Cleaner to sanitize your CPAP equipment during the day so it will be ready for nighttime usage. It’s also a good idea to leave your CPAP tubing and other accessories sitting for a little while after the cleaning process is complete before usage. With a large digital display on the lid and user-friendly settings, it’s very easy to learn how to use the Fresh CPAP Cleaner so you can use it as often as necessary!

Disinfecting and sanitizing is an incredibly important step in one’s daily routine, especially if you have a weakened immune system that may be more susceptible to infection and bacteria. Having a CPAP Cleaner that effectively sterilizes your CPAP equipment for you removes the hassle that can come with cleaning your device by hand. It also helps to be able to clean your most-used items when you need to— we don’t always think about how much repeated daily contact those items have with germs.

Your OxyGo Fresh CPAP Cleaner comes with a helpful user manual to get you familiar with the different modes of cleaning, routine care for the cleaner itself, and a few safety notes you should keep in mind. Also included with your CPAP Cleaner is an adapter set, a tube connector, and 5 carbon cotton filters. It is recommended that the cotton filters be replaced every two months.

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