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Zen-O by GCE
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Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator



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Comes With
Concentrator, 2 batteries, AC & DC power adapter, bag with pull cart, and owner’s manual.

5-year warranty on machine and sieve beds/ 1-year warranty on batteries and accessories.

Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator is designed to enable patients with respiratory disorders
such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to better manage their oxygen therapy
within and outside their homes. Zen-O weighs just 10 lbs. and can deliver up to 2 liters per
minute of oxygen in either pulse or continuous flow. This advanced device is supplied with a
variety of accessories, including a carry bag and a pull cart for increased mobility. Zen-O’s
practical and robust design offers greater operational efficiency and low cost of ownership for
home oxygen providers.

FAA Approved FAA Approved
Weight Machine + Battery: 10.27 lbs
Dimensions Length: 6.6 in
Width: 8.0 in
Height: 12.0 in

Battery Duration


Setting Approx. Battery Life 1 Battery Approx. Battery Life 2 Batteries
Pulse 1.0 4 hrs 8 hrs
Pulse 2.0 4 hrs 8 hrs
Pulse 3.0 3 hrs 6 hrs
Pulse 4.0 2 hrs 15 mins 4 hrs 30 mins
Pulse 5.0 2 hrs 4 hrs
Pulse 6.0 1 hr 45 mins 3 hrs 30 mins
Cont. 0.5 3 hrs 6 hrs
Cont. 1.0 1 hr 45 mins 3 hrs 30 mins
Cont. 1.5 1 hr 15 mins 2 hrs 30 mins
Cont. 2.0 45 mins 1 hr 30 mins

Zen-O features breath sensitivity and Rate Responsive Therapy (RRT) that automatically
adjusts to the patient’s demand. Unlike other devices that deliver a fixed amount of oxygen,
Zen-O increases the amount of oxygen delivered if a patient’s breath rate rises. The device is
designed with a field replaceable sieve bed. The sieve bed is an important part of the device and enables it to produce oxygen. Overtime and depending on operating conditions, the sieve
bed may need to be replaced. The Zen-O sieve bed can be exchanged easily using simple tools
in under 5 minutes, saving time and money. It is supplied with a 5-year warranty or 15,000
hours of total use, giving you the assurance of quality and reliability.


Product Specifications

Flow Pulse & Continuous
Weight 10.27 LBS
Dimensions L: 6.6 IN W: 8 IN H: 12 IN
Noise Level/ How Loud? 38 Decibels, Similar to a Quiet Library
Charging Time 1.5 Hours
FAA Approved Yes
Manufacturer GCE
Storage Operating Temperature: 41 – 104 F

Storage Temperature: -4 – 140 F

Operating Altitude Range 0 – 13,000 feet
Power 100 – 240 V; 50 – 60 HZ
What Comes in the Box? Machine, Battery, AC Supply, DC Supply, Bag with Pull Cart,
Cannula, User Manual
Does it Need to Be Refilled With Oxygen? No, the unit makes its own oxygen from the air around it
Max Oxygen Output 1050 mL/ min
Accessories Battery, AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply, Bag with Pull Cart, Accessories
Bag, User Manual
CPAP/ BiPAP Compatible? Yes
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