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Columns with covers

Inogen One G4 Replacement Sieve Bed Columns

By Inogen

$175.00    $129.00

Comes with

Pair of Sieve Bed Columns


1 Year


The Inogen One G4 Replacement Sieve Bed Columns are designed to be used with the G4 to service your oxygen concentrator quickly without waiting for repairs. The sieve beds convert low-grade air into medical- grade oxygen while filtering out impurities. Your device will notify you with a low purity alarm and display “02 Service Soon”, and will have 30 days to replace them. No tools are necessary for column replacement. Simply press the button on your concentrator’s base to release the latch and slide them out to replace. Change the columns every 18-24 months to extend the life of your unit.

Weight .55 lbs.



Weight .55 lbs.
Manufacturer Inogen
Size 1 x 1.5 x 4.75 in.
Warranty 1 Year
SKU # RP-406


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