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G4 and G3 dc cable

Inogen One G4 DC Power Supply

By Inogen

$129.00    $72.00

Comes with

DC Power Adapter


1 Year


The Inogen One G4 DC Power Supply is specifically designed for use with the Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator. The input cable connects directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or auxiliary DC power supply. It works in most cars, trucks, boats, and RV’s so you can charge your oxygen device while on the go.


Battery Duration

Flow 4 Cell 8 Cell
1 Liter Per Minute 3 hrs 6 hrs
2 Liters Per Minute 2 hrs 4 hrs 30 mins
3 Liters Per Minute 1 hr 15 mins 2 hrs 30 mins




Manufacturer Inogen
Weight 0.4 lbs.
Length 7 feet 8 in.
Warranty 1 Year
SKU # BA-306


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