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FreeStyle Comfort 8 cell battery

FreeStyle Comfort 8 Cell Battery

By Caire


The Caire Freestyle Comfort has an 8 cell battery to give you up to 4 hours of battery life, an ideal option for when you need extra battery life on the go.

The 8 cell battery is lightweight, weighing only 2.1 pounds. The user-friendly battery gauge indicator tells you the percentage of power you have left without having to use the concentrator. The Freestyle Comfort features a quick release button, making switching out your battery very simple.

You can charge the 8 cell battery in your car with the DC power cord, in a wall outlet with the AC power cord, or separate from your machine with the desktop charger. Total recharge time is 3.5 hours.


Battery Duration

Flow 8 Cell
1 Liter Per Minute 8 hrs
2 Liters Per Minute 4 hrs
3 Liters Per Minute 3 hrs
4 Liters Per Minute 2.25 hrs
5 Liters Per Minute 2 hrs



Manufacturer Caire
Weight 2.1 LBS
Dimensions (Approximately) 7.3 X 3.1 X 1 Inches
Recharge Time 3.5 hours
Battery Life Up to 4 hours