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Smallest POC on the Market

Those who seek to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or a similar form of travel oxygen are usually on the lookout for more compact machines that are easy to bring around, are light to carry, and are small enough to easily fit in tight spaces. That’s why taking into account the size of a POC is so important.


If you’re truly searching for the smallest of the small at the lightest weight possible, the AirSep Focus by Chart is virtually the smallest portable oxygen concentrator on the market today. It weighs in at a mere 1.75 lbs and measures only 4.8” x 2.5” x 6.4”, making it a very discrete and portable machine that encourages activity, movement, and travel.


The AirSep Focus offers a pulse dose setting of 2 in order to meet most prescribed setting for patients and users. It also promotes better health and safety with its CAIRE’s UltraSense™ Technology, which ensures the machine doesn’t miss a breath.


It's a great option for those on the go with 3 hours of battery life. These 3 hours come from the two .53 lbs micro batteries, which are so lightweight you’ll hardly notice them.


Despite its size, the AirSep Focus is durable and strong. It doesn’t require maintenance from the user and doesn’t require intake filter cleaning, and it only has one button, so it’s very simple to understand and use. It also runs quietly at just 41 decibels so it maintains discretion and peace when used, and it can use batteries or electricity from a power source anytime.


This device has a 3-year warranty and is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved, so it’s a great travel oxygen option. Purchasing this product comes with 2 micro batteries, a universal power supply, an AC/DC charging cord, a carrying bag with a shoulder strap, and a free nasal cannula.


The AirSep Focus has a multitude of accessories including: a desktop charger, accessory bags, and multiple carry bag options. When purchasing the AirSep Focus it includes your choice of two batteries or four batteries, a carry bag and strap, AC and DC power supply, and owner’s manual.


The AirSep Focus is a fantastic lightweight and small option for those who need a portable oxygen concentrator that is easy to bring around, and its high quality and impressive features make it a favorite of many. Interested in the AirSep Focus? Read more about the Focus and other machines at or call 800-375-6060.

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