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SeQual Eclipse 5 and Companion 5 Bundle Deal

Includes: Eclipse 5, 2 batteries, AC & DC power adapter, cart, Companion 5 Concentrator, cannulas, and owners manual

$3,500 $5,090

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oxygen concentrator
portable oxygen concentrators

Comes With
Concentrator, 2 batteries, AC & DC power adapter,
cart, and owners manual.

3 year warranty on machine / 1 year warranty on 
battery and accessories. 
*Ask about extended warranty

This versatile machine can go from pulse to continuous at the push of a button so that you have everything you need in one POC. The SeQual Eclipse 5 is CAIRE’s proven, reliable, single-oxygen solution with 24/7 capabilities. Just under two feet tall, this transportable oxygen concentrator is fully functional on DC power, including the ability to recharge the battery and the availability of all flow rates – continuous and pulse flow – in the car. The SeQual Eclipse 5 delivers continuous settings up to 3 LPM as well as pulse dose settings 1–9. With its advanced clinical features and high pulse settings, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is capable of supporting almost all oxygen users regardless of their oxygen prescription or disease state.

Oxygen users love the FAA approved Sequal Eclipse because it delivers 5.4 hours of battery life at 2 pulse and 2 hours of battery life at 2 LPM (liters per minute) continuous flow. It weighs only 18.4 lbs. with battery and cart installed and has a removable cart with telescoping handle for easy one-handed adjustment. The SeQual Eclipse 5 works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take it anywhere and charge it and the battery will re-charge in car at 2.0 LPM or less.

oxygen concentrator

Battery Duration

Flow Pulse Continuous
1 Liter Per Minute 5 hrs 24 mins 3 hrs 36 mins
2 Liters Per Minute 5 hrs 6 mins 1 hr 48 mins
3 Liters Per Minute 4 hrs 54 mins 1 hr 24 mins
4 Liters Per Minute 4 hrs
5 Liters Per Minute 3 hrs 42 mins
6 Liters Per Minute 3 hrs 30 mins
7 Liters Per Minute 2 hrs 30 mins
8 Liters Per Minute 2 hrs
9 Liters Per Minute 1 hr 42 mins
oxygen concentrator


What is Continuous Flow?

Continuous flow delivers oxygen in a constant and uninterrupted stream. Much like turning on a water faucet, continuous flow of oxygen is at a steady rate. The amount of oxygen you receive is prescribed in liters per minute (LPM) by your doctor. The most common settings are between 2-5 LPM. Patients with more severe disease states require higher flow rates between 6-15 LPM. Continuous flow is typically used at home and while sleeping. It can also be used for portability for patients whose condition will not allow them to tolerate pulse flow.


Product Specifications

Flow Continuous
Weight 18.4 LBS
Dimensions L: 12.3 IN W: 7.1 IN H: 19.3 IN
Noise Level/ How Loud? 40 Decibels, Similar to a stream
Charging Time 4 Hours
FAA Approved Yes
Manufacturer SeQual
Storage Operating Temperature: 50- 104 F
Humidity: 0%-95% ; Non- Condensing
Operating Altitude Range 0-13,123 Feet
Power  100-240 V; 50-60 HZ
What Comes in the Box?  Machine, Battery, AC Supply, DC Supply, Removable Cart, Accessory Bag, Intake Filter, Cannual, Owner’s Manual
Does it Need to Be Refilled With Oxygen? No, the unit makes it’s own oxygen from the air around it
Max Oxygen Output 90% on all settings
Accessories Battery, Travel Case, Protective Cover, Wheelchair Pack, Cart, Accessory Bag, DC Supply, AC Supply, Desktop Charger
CPAP/ BiPAP Compatible? Yes


Comes With
Concentrator, AC power cord, Humidifier adapter tubing, user manual.

3 year warranty on machine.
*Ask about extended warranty

CAIRE’s 5 LPM compact stationary oxygen concentrator is one of the most technologically advanced concentrators available on the market. The quiet operation, simple user interface, and reduced power draw are perfect for day to day use. Additionally, the durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance is the perfect combination for any person who wants a machine that is easy to take care of. The Companion 5 also has autoFLOW technology that specifically helps optimize performance and extend the life of the major components of the machine. The autoFLOW technology decreases the operating temperature, significantly reduces power draw, and improves the overall life of the concentrator.




Depth: 12.5 in.
Width: 13.5 in.
Height: 21.5 in.

Product Specifications

Flow 1-5 Continuous
Weight 36 LBS
Dimensions 13.5 X 12.5 X 21.5
Noise Level/ How Loud? 40 Decibels at a Setting of 2 LPM
FAA Approved No
Manufacturer Caire
Storage Temperature: 41 - 104F (4 - 40C)

Humidity: 15% to 95%, non-condensing

Operating Altitude Range 1253–9879 feet
Power AC Power Supply 285 W @ 2LPM, 350 W Maximum
What Comes in the Box? Concentrator, AC Power Supply, Humidifier Adapter Tubing, User Manual
Does it Need to Be Refilled With Oxygen? No, the unit makes its own oxygen from the air around it
Max Oxygen Output 90+ ( 5.5 / - 3%)
Alarms Power Failure, High Flow, Low Flow, General Malfunction, Low O2 Concentration
Accessories Humidifier Bottle
CPAP/ BiPAP Compatible? Yes
oxygen concentrator

You will love the Companion 5 because:

  • Less than 300 W power consumption at 3.0 LPM and lower continuous flow rates, reducing electrical costs.
  • Low noise output.
  • Robust metal cannula barb for durability.
  • Humidifier bottle easily accessible on the front of the unit.
  • Easy-to-read flow meter and alarm lights.
  • Available with oxygen monitor alarm for purity below 85%.