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The Elks Lodge

The Elks Lodge

The Elks are a community of more than 850,000 members who support special needs children, give Elks National Foundation scholarships, work with Veterans and so much more. The Elk’s have over 2,000 Lodges nationwide and members who are willing to go above and beyond to help their neighbors. Over the last 141 years, the Elks have been creating stronger communities by providing charitable services. The Childress, TX Elks Lodge provided 8th grader James Murphy-Rusk with an Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator. Being oxygen dependent, James had been lugging around heavy oxygen tanks in his backpack all around school. To purchase a POC (portable oxygen concentrator) can be cost prohibitive for many families. Organizations such as the Elks Lodge are committed to helping their communities and children just like Jame

Oscar Garcia of the Elks Lodge told Nedra Youell about Liberty Medical. Youell contacted one of the owners at Liberty and made sure that James received everything he needed to make his daily life simpler. The Elks Lodge purchased an Inogen One G3, a double battery, a single battery, and the Inogen One G3 backpack. With all of the Inogen accessories, James will be able to get around
easier than he would be able to with a tank.

All of the Lodge Officers were so excited to present James with his new POC. They invited the local paper to the Lodge and had a small write up with a picture posted. So not only has James’ life been made easier by the generosity of this wonderful organization but now he is a little bit famous because of it.

Once again, oxygen and the gift of giving, have brought people together. Thank you, Elks Lodge, form letting Liberty Medical be part of your wonderful, large giving hearts! The Elks have Lodges all over the country if you would like to learn more about your local Elks Lodge click here.

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