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Concentrator, 2 batteries, AC & DC power adapter,
carry strap & bag, and owners manual.


3 year warranty on machine / 1 year warranty
on battery and accessories 
*Ask about extended warranty

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Airsep Focus


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Airsep Focus


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Airsep Focus


Airsep Focus

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The AirSep Focus is a super light weight, portable oxygen concentrator offering a pulse dose setting of 2 to cover the most commonly prescribed setting. Early stage COPD oxygen users can enjoy active lifestyles with this small and durable device. The AirSep Focus is small and light, weighing in at only 1.75 lbs.making it easy and discrete to carry. This FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator has quiet operation allowing you to not be distracted by a constant hum. The AirSep Focus operates with rechargeable batteries with a life up to 3 hours to maximize your time on the go. You can charge your concentrator on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take your portable oxygen concentrator anywhere and charge it. With the Focus, there is no user maintenance or intake filter to clean, giving you peace of mind. The Airsep Focus has the simplest operation with one button to press and no flow to adjust, so it’s really easy to use!


Battery Duration

Flow Battery Life
2 Liters Per Minute 1 hr 30 mins

What is Pulse Dose?

Pulse flow or pulse dose is the delivery of a “bolus,” or a puff of oxygen every time you breathe, or more specifically, when you inhale. A sensor in the Airsep Focus, detects the force or pressure of your breath and triggers the concentrator to deliver your dose of oxygen prescribed by your doctor.

Pulse flow delivery on a Airsep Focus can help maximize your unit’s battery life by giving you the oxygen when you inhale and not wasting precious battery power by constantly delivering oxygen. On an oxygen portable unit pulse dose delivery helps maximize your portable duration by giving you oxygen when you inhale and not wasting any oxygen. This allows the oxygen portables to last for many hours and allows you to stay most active without worrying about having to refill or run out of oxygen. Pulse flow is typically used for portability and when a patient is active.

Product Specifications

Flow Pulse
Weight 1.7 LBS
Dimensions L: 4.8 IN W: 2.5 IN H: 6.4 IN
Noise Level/ How Loud? 45 Decibels, Similar to a stream
Charging Time 4 Hours
FAA Approved Yes
Manufacturer AirSep
Storage Temperature: 41 Degrees - 104 Degree F
(5-40 C)
Operating Altitude Range 0-10,000 Feet
Power Universal Power Supply; Rechargeable, Lithium Battery
100-240 VAC; 50-60 HZ; 11-16 VPC
What Comes in the Box? Machine, Two Batteries, AC Supply, DC Supply,
Battery Connector Cable, Accessory Bag, Carry Case, Cannula
Does it Need to Be Refilled With Oxygen?

No, the unit makes it's own oxygen from the air around it

Battery Cycle Around 300 Charges, then only 80% capacity or less
Max Oxygen Output

332.5 mL/ Minute

Alarms Cannula disconnect, start-up, pulse flow, breath rate, battery charge state, low battery, high temperature, general malfunction, high and low pressure
Accessories Carry bag, external battery charger, battery, AC Power Supply, DC power supply, power cable with power switch, battery case, accessory case
CPAP/ BiPAP Compatible? No

How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

The ambient air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. The Airsep Focus does not “create” its own oxygen. It draws in room air into the machine using an air compressor. This air usually passes through some type of filtration as it enters the concentrator to remove dust and other small particulates. Once inside of the concentrator, the room air passes through an adsorbent material called molecular sieve. The molecular sieve adsorbs the nitrogen in the room air, separating the oxygen from it and allowing the oxygen to pass through. Oxygen exits the concentrator and is delivered to the patient in high concentrations of > 90% purity.